Inside look into EDMCS Robot Framework!

Accelerate Technology Robot Framework

Are you working with EDMCS? Ever notice there are some tasks that can’t be automated via API or EPM Automate? We recently had to build 27 attributes with over 2000 members by hand because there is no import functionality in the tool. When someone tells us it can’t be automated, we ask one question…why not? We just released a sneak peak of our Accelerate Technology (TM) platform for EDMCS. While we are still working on the visuals, the main logic is built! Watch our software robot build an entirely new attribute with two sample values from scratch!

Exclusive look inside our Accelerate Technology (TM) Platform and how we automate cumbersome tasks such as attribute creation in EDMCS! This video shows a software robot creating an attribute “A” with two values “ABC”, “DEF” in a completely hands-off fashion!

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