Introducing RoboArchitect

TurboCharge your Automation!

Do you struggle to write simple automation for your enterprise applications? Trying to write simple batch scripts without having to download many third-party utilities to get SOME of the functionality you need. We have the answer to your frustration! Introducing RoboArchitect, a cross-platform, Open Source program to add the following functionality to your commandline automation:
– Zip/Unzip files
– FTP/sFTP files
– Email
– Web Service Client
– Convert delimited files to Excel (and back)
– Query delimited files WITHOUT loading to a database
– Full SQL Client (Oracle, Microsoft, MS Access, postgres, mysql, SQLite)
– Convert parent/child hierarchies to level-based (and back)

Download Free:

Looking for an easy way to build RA scripts? Use RoboArchitectUI Free:

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